Marketing for Dentists

dentist-professionalWhen you think about marketing for new patients, be sure your team and facility are ready to accept them! Many dentists are so concerned about the decreasing number of new patients but they are losing current patients at a rapid rate. It is easier and less expensive to retain your current patients by providing quality and compassionate care than it is to attract new patients. In addition, the best source of new patients are your current patients family and friends.

To get ready then, clean up your facility. Remove clutter from counters, replace worn or shabby carpets, throw away old and tattered magazines from the waiting room, and so on. Be sure your staff is warm and welcoming and is in command of professional verbal skills to make your patient feel at ease.

Scripting of important conversations regarding moments of truth may be necessary. Remember, the new patient phone call to your receptionist is a critical conversation. Any missteps at this point of contact can be the difference when trying to get the caller to commit to scheduling an appointment. Is your receptionist the right person for the job? More on that in my next post.