“Dr. Harris, having experience as a provider, practice owner, Dental Plan Executive, and dental director, provides insight and guidance that other consulting firms cannot provide.  Dr. Harris is an expert in identifying issues, forming action plans and executing on those plans to assure a successful practice transition with the goal of becoming a quality oriented financially stable organization. If you desire to have success in your business model, or to improve your quality focus – you should utilize the expertise of Dr. Harris!”

Charles D. Stewart, DMD
Dental Director, West Dental Territory


“Lee is very knowledgeable in practice management of large group practice involving multiple doctors and specialists. His expertise in organizing and promoting our group practice was invaluable to our growth.

Thomas Han DDS, MS
Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC


“Our company has worked with Dr. Lee Harris for the past 11 years in many different capacities. Each and every project he has been involved with has been handled with professionalism, knowledge, experience and displays his passion for our industry. It’s a pleasure to work with Dr. Harris and look forward to many more years of his guidance, expertise and advice.”

Shelly Nicolette
Executive Director
Morgan Dental Corporation


“Dr. Harris is a dental professional that is experienced in practice management and the efficient delivery of care for patients while not compromising patient care. His experience in practicing dentistry, dental practice administration, dental insurance administration, and education give a unique understanding of the dental industry and what it takes to have a profitable quality dental practice.”

Greg Kaplan DDS
Wilshire Center Dental Group


“Initially, I was skeptical about hiring a consultant because I had paid consultants in the past and they failed to deliver. I have received far more from Dr. Harris that I could ever imagined. He personalizes our plan of action specific for this practice. Dr. Harris is honest, committed, and gives 300% of himself. From the moment he came into our office, he observed and offered recommendations that had immediate positive results on production. He relates well to all of the staff and, as a dentist himself, he is able to relate to me as a peer. I now have hope for my practice where before I was unable to see its potential.”

Barbara A. James DDS
Renaissance Dental Group